Hughes Channels Winter 2014



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I n almost every aspect of life today, technology innovations are changing the way people communicate. Nowhere is that more evident than on college and university campuses where bulletin boards, fliers, and public announcement systems have long given way to texting, video, and social media. The

According to Rajiv Shenoy, CEO of OrcaTV, the key to commu- nicating on campus is dynamic content delivered at a place and in a way that appeals to students. That’s what Shenoy’s media technology company, OrcaTV, is all about—working on behalf of U.S. colleges and universities from New Hampshire to California to bring the best of today’s technology to enhance student life on campus. Continued on page 10

2 Executive Corner Graham Avis shares his insight on a world on the move.

4 Medical Coaching in India Tele-education networks level the playing field for medical students.

3 Inflight Broadband Flies into Asia How inflight connectivity is expected to soar in Asia.

6 Connected over Land and Sea Hughes satellite services meet the needs of energy producers.

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