Pizza & Pasta

Example Food Specifications

10” DEEP PAN HAWIIAN PIZZA Method • Ensure that the dough base has been through the proofing • Process – Refer to manual • Remove Lid • Place a speed ring onto pan • Top the base after chilling for 1 hr at 3 – 5 Degrees C • Using a red handles ladle spread with Pizza Sauce gently & evenly over the base • Using a measuring cup, spread one cup of Cheese onto the sauce base. • Spread the Ham Stamps & Pineapple onto the Cheese • Place another Cup of Cheese on top of the Ham & Pineapple • Place onto the conveyor to cook • Once cooked - Remove from pan onto cutting block • Using a rocker knife, cut into 8 slices • Return the cut Pizza back into the pan and place on the counter

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Presentation to the customer

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Critical Control Points • Ensure product has been through the proofing process • Ensure all ingredients are fresh and defrosted in a refrigerator at 1 - 4 Degrees C • Ensure oven is set at the correct temperature • Using a probe check core temperature is above 75 Degrees C Quality Checks • Cheese should be lightly browned • Crust golden in colour

Portion Control • 250g Pizza base • 50g Pizza sauce •

130g Mozzarella Cheese 35 Gms Ham Stamps

• •

35 Gms Pineapple


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