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ColdRush ® with eVapora ™ Technology What’s the secret behind our innovative, non-drip ColdRush ® material? Our eVapora™ fabric technology quickly absorbs moisture up to six times its weight, retains it, and allows it to slowly and naturally evaporate, which produces a cooling effect on the skin for hours. The result is cooler and more comfortable workers. Once in contact with the skin, ColdRush ® continually wicks perspiration away and stores it in microcavity moisture reservoirs, which provide up to four hours of active cooling. When the fabric dries out, simply wet it again to reactivate the cooling effect. At the end of the day, simply throw ColdRush ® in the washer and get ready to use it again.

Du Rag ColdRush ® • Extended eVapora™ neck flap designed to lay on neck, which is a prime cooling point • High performance shell • Utilization of mesh panels for targeted breathability (not available on Nomex ® ) • Nomex ® shell for jobsite compliance* • Flat seams for comfortable feel against your skin • One size fits most

Orange 30101

Pink 30106

Nomex 30145


*While thisgarment isnotdesigned toprovideprotectionagainstheatand flame, theouter materialof thegarmenthas the followingFRProperties:NFPA2112,ASTMF1930,andASTM F1959.WARNING:When thePVA isdry,anypossiblefire-resistanceperformance isnegated.

Blue 30100

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