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Date: December 11, 2017 To: AmeriPride

800 Vance Avenue Memphis, TN 38126 Ph: (901)-525-3434

Attn: David Brigance

David.Brigance@Ameripride.com Mike Lavoie Michael.Lavoie@Ameripride.com


Wastewater System Upgrades

Hello David and Mike, Please review the pricing schedule below for the proposed new wastewater system for the AmeriPride- Memphis facility. As discussed, we have looked closely at the way to most cost-effectively expand the current operation. While we are still proposing a combination of chemical conditioning, dissolved air flotation (DAF), and plate & frame press. However, the press has been reduced in size. This will allow Ellis to integrate into the existing boiler room with minimal expansion. Subsequently, Ellis still proposes the construction of a three-sided addition annexing the existing boiler room. This addition will be sure to incorporate the current and future needs of the boiler infrastructure into this addition, primarily the addition of a Ludell Stack Economizer. Also note, this new integrated structure will also include a ‘T’-shaped driveway allowing easy drop-off and removal of the filter press dumpster (SEE APPENDIX A). Lastly, we have included a list of reasons this proposed system will exceed your needs and expectations for this project. Regardless of price, we firmly believe this system will outperform any proposed competitor equipment. As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Regards,

Michael Sargent

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