FT146 2 Meter 5 Watt Transmitter Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No.


• Direct, true FM for excellent voice and data quality. • Both Data and mike audio inputs • Solid 5 watt RF output - add our PA-146 for 40 watts • Crystal controlled with 146.52 MHz crystal included • Built-in test points for easy tune-up. Align with any digital multimeter - tuning tool included, too! • Runs on 12 - 14 Volts DC at less than 1 amp • Easy assembly and hook-up • Informative manual answers questions on theory, hook- ups and uses - enhances resale value, too! • Add our case set for a finished 'Pro' look. Cases match all Ramsey products • Clear, concise assembly instruction carefully guides you to a finished kit that works the FIRST time! Here's a simple hard-working transmitter that's ideal for repeaters, Fox-hunts, remote bases, Packet - you name it! Why tie up a whole transceiver to just use the transmitter? Fun and educational to build - you'll be on-the-air in an evening! Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication

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