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On the cover: Application Systems Analyst Nancy Padron provides EHR activation support at the Long Beach satellite Command Center.

Reflection Limitless opportunities.

In this Edition 01 From the Desk of Deanna Wise 02 Reflection 03 Rev. Tom Harshman on change. 05 EHR California dreamin’ becomes reality. 07 IT Infrastructure: The technology service provider. 09 MyJourney site offers professional development courses to employees. 11-18 Five leaders honored at Breakfast of Champions. 19 IT Calendar of Events

From the Desk of Deanna Wise

A Gold’s perspective. It was no surprise to me that my Real Color® temperament color is Gold. I have been a Gold for most of my professional career. Like other Golds in business, I value structure and organization; need a task list and project plan; like to know and follow the rules; and get great joy from the successful completion of tasks. I would not be a true Gold if I did not provide lists. Below are some tips I have incorporated into managing my daily tasks. These have helped me focus on the right areas. It’s about outcomes. We know howmuch we are capable of accomplishing in a day. You are part of our IT community because of howmuch you can accomplish. Deliver greatness every day. Strategize your focus. With all the competing priorities, where do you start? Work closely with your leadership on the items that will deliver the highest outcomes. Sometimes completing simple tasks creates quick wins and result in the biggest impact. Deliver on your promises. What is a task list without due dates? It is a wish list. Be accountable to yourself and our customers by delivering on your promises, setting realistic delivery dates, and over-delivering.

Over communicate. Simple, yet often overlooked. You would be amazed how far a quick phone call, email, or IM on the status of a project can positively impact your relationship with our customers and your teammates. Plan for success. The items you do not complete in a day should appear at the top of the next day’s list. I allowmyself a fewminutes at the end of each day to prepare my task list for the next day. This ensures nothing falls through the cracks. Maintaining a work/life balance is part of our values and culture. Try following the tips above to help maintain your own work/life balance. Thank you for your continued support of our health care ministry.

“Rename your ‘To-Do’ list to your ‘Opportunities’ list. Each day is a treasure chest filled with limitless opportunities; take joy in checking many off your list.” – Steve Maraboli, Author

Deanna Wise EVP/Chief Information Officer

1 CIO Connect | April 2016

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