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It is March. Spring is around the corner and here we are 4 issues into the HowDo?! series. I confidently ignored all advice suggesting it was a bad idea to launch something like this with little over a month of development, yet alone in the difficult winter months. But I knew it had to happen that way so to establish ourselves and not miss out on the most eventful and exciting time of the year. With 4 issues under our belt we are fighting fit in an extremely difficult environment. It has been frustrating and disappointing at times with a slow uptake in advertisements which we need to continue to grow and keep up with the demand that HowDo Magazine clearly now has. But we have managed to secure the support of some of the city’s most significant cultural organisations and we are confident that HowDo?! can establish itself as a central media for all people of Bradford to use as their own with the necessary backing. Only with YOUR support can this happen. So get in contact, get involved, promote your events and invest in Bradford. It would be inapproprite not to take this opportunity of free rambling to acknowledge the many people and organisation who have supported us financially and shown immense trust in our project and us as individuals. Without such commitment HowDo?! would not exist. We are eternally greatful and owe everything to those who have been involved so far. Now that’s off mi chest let us look at Issue 4. Haigh and I recently discussed how this issue marks a turning point in many ways. A break. Phase 2. A fresh beginning and a true launching of HowDo Magazine. The point is that we are yet to be tripped up and are still here going into the better months (ignoring the fact that the western world is completely skint). We have a platform to build something truly unique that will not only encourage dialogue with the Bradforddale but promote Bradford’s cultural renaissance. If you recap to issue one I made note of the reasons for putting this publication together; pulling all my favours and breaking my back with no financial support has not been easy. I felt a creative movement in Bradford that I had not felt before and saw the unique position our community was in to encourage and promote that movement. Confidence is viral and Bradford has greatness . Issue 4 invites Bradford based zine artist Jean Mcewan to exhibit her comprehensive collection of work. Jean has been working as an artist for years and the beautiful imagery she uses and explores are an absolute gift to this publication. Special appraisal and thanks must go out to the uniquely talented designer Miss Hannah Drake. I know few graphic designers who would have been able to do Jean’s work justice but she has produced a highly refined layout that has truly upped the game. We are looking for talented graphic designers to join our design team on a Pro-Bono basis. If you feel that you have what it takes to pull together an issue or would just like to help out here and there for some portfolio development please get in contact. Exciting times are ahead of us with the an array of cultural programs going live over the coming months. Keep in the loop here, and please get involved! Oh and we have a website! Web designer David Brennon has produced something rather swish as a starting point of HowDo’s online presence. We will be working hard to establish this over the coming months so keep your eye out on Facebook and Twitter for updates and access to all kinds of unique cultural media and easy ways to participate and get involved with HowDo?!

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Artwork by Jean Mcewen: www.jeanmcewan.com

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