2019 was an outstanding year for the FBINAA and in many ways a year of transformation for how we deliver the highest degree of law enforcement expertise, advocacy, education, and information to law enforcement leaders around the world. None of our association’s achievements would have happened without our members. Mem- bers are the heart and soul of this organization and our mission of “Impacting communities by providing and pro- moting law enforcement leadership through training and networking” could not be accomplished without you. Our impact has grown in all areas of our operations from national officer resiliency, safety, and wellness advocacy events, value-added member engagement opportunities, new business relationships with world-class organizations, cutting-edge leadership education and training, timely and thought-provoking communications, and high-end retail operations. Our goal is to continue to generate a robust array of member services that benefits our members and their command staffs and delivers on our vision of continuous professional development and advancement. COLLABORATION: The Executive Board and staff will continue to support the principle of collaboration which will encourage dialogue with members with different views and perspectives, set aside self-interests, and discuss issues openly, respectfully, and supportively in an attempt to find ways to make the law enforcement community stronger and exceed the FBINAA’s strategic goals. This collaborative effort will only be accom- plished by working together with the members, board leadership, staff, federal/state/local officials, other public safety professional societies, and partners. SERVANT LEADERSHIP: The Executive Board and staff are here to serve the members. The goal is to create a positive member experience and expand opportunities that enhance member engagement and provide a life- time value for membership. This entails amember-centric approach that is focused on newNational Academy graduates and begins by working from the member then to the development of programs and services. Also, it is essential that we all commit to be an organization which encourages respect, diversity, and inclusion on the part of all members and society. STEWARDSHIP: We must respect the proud history of the FBINAA and build on our previous leaders’ ideals and values. We must continue to be forward thinking, be loyal to our brothers and sisters, and trust in the mission and vision of the association. This philosophy must cherish our rich history and accomplishments and expand on these successes to grow the organization. In closing, the FBINAA is stronger andmore vibrant today as we have ever been. We are boldlymoving forward to continue to be the strongest law enforcement leadership network in the world! You never retire from the FBINAA. As we execute our 2020 business plan, the Executive Board and staff are dedicated to these Ideals:

KEVIN WINGERSON | Association President NA Session #223


Kevin WIngerson FBINAA President, 223rd Session



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