FR1C FM Broadcast Band Receiver Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No.


Build your own FM Broadcast receiver. Radio covers 70 to 110 Mhz, ideal for tuning in out-of-band FM wireless mikes, ‘bugs’ and other transmitters that exist where ‘others’ can’t find them! An added feature of the FR1C is its SCA output, which allows easy connection of SCA decoders - for commercial -free music, stock quotes, sports, etc. Typical uses for the FR1C FM radio receiver:  Tuning in hidden FM wireless mikes and phone bugs  Hooking up SCA adapters  Learning how FM receivers operate  Snooping around for clandestine transmitters Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For  Just plain ol’ easy listening to the standard FM radio The Ramsey FR1C FM Broadcast receiver features:  Runs on 9 volt battery  Choice of on-board whip antenna or external antenna  Stable tuning from 70 to 110 Mhz  Clear, concise step-by-step instructions  Plenty of speaker volume  Handy SCA demodulator output Publication

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