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KEVIN’S GOLF CART MAINTENANCE SERVICES Program І—$45.00 (should be done at least twice a year) Water batteries, check and rotate.  Check brakes and adjust as necessary. Check accessories and advise on any repairs that may be needed. Inspect for loose connections on batteries and terminals. Address any corrosion on battery tops. Report to the member any future or present problems in need of further repair. Program II—$12.50 per month Kevin’s battery maintenance program is performed once a month in two parts which includes: 1. Check the water in the batteries, plug in cart and charge. 2. Unplug the charger from the wall and receptacle. Program III—$1,685.50 We also have a summer (June thru September) refurbishing program for your golf cart which includes a paint job, curtains, pin striping, lettering and seat covers for $1,685.50 plus tax—a savings of $200.00. Please call Kevin Walker to schedule your appointment at (561) 273-2667 or (561) 371-2933.      Grease all fittings. Inspect motor for loose connections.   Check and fill air pressure in tires.   Check wiring.

GUEST REGISTRATION You may register your guests online through the Frenchman’s Creek website and print guest passes in the convenience of your home. To access online, please perform the following steps: 1. Log onto the members’ website by going to: www.FrenchmansCreek.com. 2. Enter your username and password then click login. 3. Click option "Resources”, then on the left side second option is Guest Registration . 4. Click Guest Registration and fill in the necessary information

TRANSPORTATION Around town? Book your private chauffeur to drive you and your guests to your desired destinations in the comfort of your own vehicle. Traveling? Add ease to your travel to and from airports or sea ports by having our drivers do the driving in the comfort of your own vehicle. To arrange your transportation, please contact the POA office at (561) 627-1467 during office hours. For after hours or weekends, please call Bilian directly at (561) 846-9987. Once your transportation is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation call the day before to let you know who will be picking you up. Please give at least 24 hours notice when booking your transportation.

individually for each guest. 5. When you hit the “Send

Request” button, the system will allow you to print the pass at that time and will also e-mail it to the address on the form. The POA office will also receive a copy of the

pass for tracking purposes. Unaccompanied guests must

present their passes upon arrival at the Beach Club or Fitness Center. Access to these facilities may be denied without a guest pass. Should you have any questions, please contact the POA Office at (561)-627-1467.

HURRICANE SHUTTERS Hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th. Hurricane and storm shutters may be installed at the beginning of hurricane season but no earlier than June 1st and are required to be removed by November 30th. An application must be submitted to the Architectural Review Board prior to new shutter installation. Please refer to our Hurricane Shutter Policy in the ARB Manual. For assistance, please contact Kathy O’Brien at (561) 273-2616.


September 2014


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