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Tomorrow’s Best Lighting Technologies for the Aftermarket

Trust the lighting Specialist As one of the world’s leaders and specialists in visibility and lighting systems, Valeo always innovates for safety. Valeo develops innovative and performing lighting systems which support drivers. These systems respond to user needs’ “to see and to be seen”.

Valeo presents its latest lighting and signaling technologies that already define the market trends of the future:

Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS) the right lighting in all driving situations

Dynamic cornering light Rotation of the Bixenon projector module on a pivoting support ± 15 °, thanks to an electric motor with electronic control of direction.

Highway lights Work like normal road lights although it is not necessary for the driver to take any action to activate or deactivate

Fixed cornering light (FBL) Progressive power on a fixed complementary light at an angle of 40 °.

avoiding glare for oncoming drivers.

City lights Enlarge the light beam on the sides of the road.

8 new functions available in automatic adaptation of the light beam.

Light in residential area Activated below 30 km/h speed, the lights provide a wide distribution of the light beam, providing a better view of the road.

Light for adverse weather

Light on secondary roads Activated at speeds

Handling Lights

between 55 and 100 km/h. An asymmetric beam light distribution is created to avoid glare for oncoming drivers.

Highway Lights

*Focus the light beam with higher intensity in the comfort zone of vision

Latest applications: 45446 for Peugeot 508 45447 for Peugeot 508 47704 for Nissan Juke 47705 for Nissan Juke

City Lights

47053 for Volkswagen Touran 47054 for Volkswagen Touran

Lights for adverse weather

Xenon to LED the evolution which cares for

*Focus the light beam on the right side of the road with higher depth to anticipate possible risks.

Benefits of LED

Environment: Optimization of energy consumption, 2 times more efficient than Xenon Style: Differentiation for each model

Performance: Greater safety and driving comfort Accessibility: Affordable technology for the market

« LED technology will represent 20% of the frontal lighting systems’ world wide production in 2017. »

Valeo provides a solution for each car segment:

Peop led TM

Differentiation • Xenon level cost and performance • Thinner bi-function Full led TM

Premium led TM

Performance • Multifunctional module: low and high beams • Glare-free high beam: Sail Beam, Multi Beam, Dynamic shadow, Matrix Beam, BeamAtic.

Affordability • Off-the-shelf modular solution • Lowest electrical consumption • Compact size

modules with no mechanical movement • Differentiating design

Bi led ™ technology, the smartest LED solution First bi-functional Fullled™ system providing low beam and high beam functions in a single compact design. Low-profile design particularly innovative as it switches from low beam to high beam illumination without any mechanical movement: the perfect melding of both functions. Optional dynamic bending capabilities which increase driving comfort. The light turns on when the driver turns the steering wheel to illuminate the corner.

the environment

Latest applications: 46734 for BMW X1 46735 for BMW X1 46778 for Infiniti Q30 46779 for Infiniti Q30 46760 for MINI Cooper 46761 for MINI Cooper 46790 for Peugeot 3008 46791 for Peugeot 3008

Beam atic ® Premium led , the safety LED system

Illuminating as much space as possible without harming the other road users, the new LED technology has enabled Valeo to develop the glare free high-beam (GFHB). It allows the driver to maintain the high beam at all times without driver intervention and without glare for other drivers. This type of system evaluates the road by using cameras and image processing, adapting automatically the light beam darkening the area that would produce glare.

Ford S-Max & Edge - Dynamic Shadow TM VW Passat - MultiBeam TM Audi A3 - MatrixBeam TM

The Future is Now...

Laser technology, the highest-range performance

Indoor Illumination, the optimized driving comfort More intelligent and intuitive lighting More comfortable and safer driving Increased Interaction between the driver and its cars New lighting system accompanying autonomous car development

Increases driver’s visibility range (up to 600 meters) Light source compactness enables ultra-thin new styles

Discover more

Organic LED technology (OLED), the ultimate lighting signature Light sources which may take any form and offer new possibilities of lighting design Lights are becoming more homogeneous and powerful Environmentally friendly

Lighting Systems: the highest quality for safety driving Make an informed choice between original and copy

Looking ahead… Lighting and signalling indicator technologies are progressing at a fast

Copies of safety-related products are a danger for both distributors and consumers. They represent a real problem, and automotive lights and lamps are frequently the victims. The often imperfect quality of copies may result in poor visibility and discomfort for motorists, and may even lead to accidents. Both distributors and repairers may run into legal problems if they sell counterfeit parts.

pace, integrating more and more electric and electronic components. Using, repairing or replacing them now requires greater technical expertise. Automotive suppliers like Valeo, who developed these innovations, are well-placed to provide the technical know-how that repairers need. Mastering these new technologies represents a crucial challenge for repairers.

The lighting specialist

Application for BMW X1

Application for PEUGEOT 2008

Application for FORD C-Max

Application for Renault Mégane

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