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T he Cha r t s

The ebook is designed to help you explore a range of careers based on either Subject or Industry sectors. Each char t shows a range of careers from unskilled jobs through to careers requiring you to study at degree level and beyond. Not all the careers in the sector are shown or all the potential routes you could take with a subject, so it is wor th you speaking to your careers advisor if you have any questions.

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Wha t w i l l I l ea r n Page s

The learning page explores the kind of person you need to be to study the subject in question. This page covers the skills you will develop and the possible careers that studying the subject could lead to.

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T he Ou t l ook Page s

Here are the key features of the ebook to help you explore The search bar highlights any word you select. Use this to explore particular pages or jobs you are interested in.

Our outlook page summarises what is happening in the industry at the moment. This is an impor tant page to read as it tells you if the industry is growing, where the oppor tunities are and where the industry will be in the future. Some of the sectors are large, with a wide range of people employed, others are very small and can be very competitive to get in to.

The thumbnail offers a scrolling view of the pages with larger views of each page, a click on the page will take you directly to that page. Press x to hide this feature. To enlargen the image on the screen you can select full screen mode . Any internet seaches selected will reduce the full screen mode allowing you to move between the magazine and your internet browser. The table of contents allows you to scroll through the pages to select the chart you wish to view. Press the X to remove this from view.

Ca r ee r S i t e Page s

Our new version of the ebook now includes 25 major career pages where you can explore some of the careers found on our char ts. We’ve selected some of the best sites as well as other useful web pages in the more section.

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