Sirona Guide To Safer Implants 2013 ENG

Your master plan for safer implants INTEGRATED IMPLANTOLOGY SOLUTIONS – WHAT DOES THIS IMPLY? Sirona Dental Systems has introduced ground-breaking solutions for integrated implant planning and treatment. Solutions that combine the digital impression scanning and design capabilities of CEREC with the diagnostic accuracy of Sirona’s 3D X-ray units. Enjoy every day. With Sirona.

Streamlined implant procedures!

Sirona’s new integrated implant planning and treatment solutions are tailored precisely to the requirements of your dental practice: n Minimized treatment risk n Seamless integration n Reliable prosthetic results n Outstanding, patient-specific aesthetics n New economic perspectives n Image enhancement for your dental practice

What are the benefits of these new integrated implantology solutions

n Enhanced aesthetics and long-term stability – clearer visualization, more accurate planning, precise implantation n Reduced time and costs – fewer treatment sessions, fewer work processes, more efficient procedures n Streamlined workflow – direct path to the desired surgical and prosthetic result n Improved patient counselling – transparent treatment pro- cedures, improved understanding, increased acceptance, greater trust, quicker decisions

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