MAC Standard # 12148


Standards manufactured by MAC are designed and built to last, providing you with many years of service. We take great pride in each standard we produce and as such we guarantee them to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of two years*. The materials used in the manufacture of our standards are only ever sourced from reputable companies and have been tested and checked for suitability prior to being accepted into stock. Where applicable, each material will be accompanied by either a certificate of analysis or certificate of conformity.

All Standards

When the standard is ready for shipment it has been through a series of rigorous quality checks.  Always handle the standards with great care  Never touch or wipe the standard surface as it can easily be scratched.

Mounted Standards

If applicable, the materials have been embedded into a matrix that is suitable for: • Affixing the material into position • Hardening with minimal blow holes (bubbles) • Withstanding the vacuum and not damaging readily under the action of the electron beam • Should the materials be mounted in an alternative matrix, this will be indicated on the plan that accompanies the standard. • Where necessary the standard will have been coated with approximately 25nm of Carbon, this is to reduce any possible charging effects. If a Carbon coat has been applied, it will be also be indicated on the plan. The Customer should never attempt to clean the standard or remove the Carbon coating (if applied). The standard should be returned to MAC or your distributor for professional refurbishment. Due to the size of the materials used and the way in which they are embedded, our standards offer no serious hazards. Standard laboratory procedures should be used including:  Keeping the handling of the standard to a minimum  Wearing suitable gloves or using the appropriate tweezers  Never attempting to remove an embedded material  Keeping the standard stored under suitable conditions Standards no longer required should either be disposed of in a suitable manner or returned to MAC for safe disposal. Health and Safety

Packaging, Storage and Transportation

This standard has been carefully packed to ensure that during transportation adequate protection is offered against physical and moisture damage. The packaging is not designed as a permanent means of storage.


* MAC cannot accept responsibility for the misuse or inadequate storage of this standard. If in doubt please contact us or your MAC distributor for assistance.

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