JUPITER S ystem G oes G lobal Innovative, Future-Proof, Cost-Efficient

Unprecedented Growth and Demand

Globally, an ever-growing demand for high-speed Internet access—with the latest statistics showing connectivity exceeding half of the world’s 7 billion population—crosses all borders and market demographics. Beyond the well-served urban centers, connecting the billions in ex-urban and rural areas with limited or no terrestrial broadband services has spurred the emergence of higher capacity and more cost-effective high-throughput satellite (HTS) systems to help close this so-called “digital divide.” Continued on page 4

2 Executive Corner Adrian Morris talks technology, innovation, and trends.

8 Driving Innovation Advanced Development Group helps bring Hughes technology and service innovations to market.

6 Hughes Unveils New HM Satellite System Innovative Hughes waveform technology meets the demands of government mobility and portability applications.

9 Closing the Digital Divide in Rural Mexico Mexican ISP chooses JUPITER to bring high-speed Internet to rural areas.

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