2018 Marathon Motors Catalog




Example (“harmonized” motor design) :

E. Stack Length

A - 5/8” F - 1-1/4” L - 1-7/8” B - 3/4” G - 1-3/8” M- 2.0” T - 3-1/4” C - 7/8” H - 1-1/2” N - 2-1/4” U - 3-1/2” D - 1.0” J - 1-5/8” P - 2-1/2” W- 4.0” E - 1-1/8” K - 1-3/4” R - 2-3/4” Q- Spec. S - 3.0”

A B C D E F G H I 5 KH 3 6 K G 142 – X

A. Rotating Device

F. Endshield Construction G & N - Aluminum K - Steel C - Cap/Can

B. Type of Winding KH - Split Phase

KC - Capacitor Start, Induction Run K - Polyphase KCP - Permanent Split Capacitor KCR - Capacitor Start, Capacitor Run

G. Sequence Number

H. Current Revision (blank if original)

C. Lamination Size

3 - 48 frame, 4 - 56 frame


Type of Overload X - UL Auto running & locked rotor Y - UL Manual running & locked rotor S - UL Auto locked rotor T - Non-UL Auto running & locked rotor U - Non-UL Manual running & locked rotor V - Thermostat W - UL motor parts

D. Length of Frame 48 frame

56 frame

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

5.17 5.42

5.73 6.63



5.80 6.23 6.63 7.23



7.63 8.44



ORDERING INFORMATION When ordering, please include the model number, catalog number, description of the motor, quantity, shipping and billing instructions. For pricing of non-stock motors, or if you need assistance in selecting the proper motor, please contact your nearest Regal sales representative or local Marathon ® motor distributor. All prices and data are subject to change without notice. Stock Product Stock product can be returned for credit as defined herein. Equipment must be in original packaging, unused in “as shipped” condition and is limited to products currently maintained in stock inventory . The quantity returned can- not exceed normal stock quantity level. All motors returned must have date codes no older than 18 months from date of manufacture. The minimum restocking charge is 15% of the original net purchase price. Modified and build to order motors cannot be returned for credit. Return freight charges are the responsibility of the customer returning the motor for credit. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization. CANCELLATIONS AND RETURNS

NON-STOCK PRODUCT CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation charges for non-stock orders received and entered will be determined based on the percentage of completion in the engineering and manufacturing process, accounting for all costs plus a reasonable profit. Regal’s determination of the cancellation charges shall be conclusive. DISCOUNTS AND MULTIPLIERS Except as noted, all prices in this catalog are list prices. 200 and 575 volt 3 phase ratings utilize the same list price as 230/460 volt. NEMA ® short shaft (TS) utilize the same list price as standard shaft (T). Contact Regal for special bearing systems, including all requirements for sleeve or roller bearing. For your discount and multiplier, contact your local Regal sales representative or local Marathon ® motor distributor. MODIFICATION/ACCESSORIES See the Modification/Accessories sections for more informa- tion on modifications to create special motor variations.


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