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CLEANLINESS APPEARANCE With a goal of a 100% perfect (defect-free) room, it was quickly evident that cleanliness appearance levels varied by type of room using the current ionized cleaning strategy. While the ionized device removed much of the bio-film soiling quickly, visible soiling levels within the rooms studied exhibited only a fair overall level of cleanliness appearance of acceptability.

Overall, the Somerset Academy  ionized cleaning strategy delivered  a “Fair” cleanliness level, with the  highest appearance level occurring  in Classrooms and Restrooms, while  the lowest cleanliness appearance  levels occurring in the Cafeteria.     This is a good example for asking  the question:  Is there a difference  between looking “clean” and being  sanitary?

Chart 1: Cleanliness Appearance

0.0% 20.0% 40.0% 60.0% 80.0%

So, we start with a variety of acceptable and unacceptable room-based cleanliness appearance levels. These levels include a number on non-related surfaces and items NOT cleaned by the ionized product, such as floors, baseboards, lights, furniture, as well as excluded cleaning activities, such as project deep cleaning, litter, dust, floor polishing, etc. All of these contribute to a low level appearance and are not reflective of any sanitizing issue. It is room-based cleanliness appearance profile that serves as a backdrop for the comparative study that follows.

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