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Tersano LotusPro vs. Ionized Water by Type of Room For each of the rooms tested, the LotusPro unit ATP reduction was compared to an ionized water toxic-free cleaning strategy. In this comparison, the raw ATP count was used as an indicator for the ATP reduction performance of each cleaning alternative.

Chart 3: ATP Levels for Rooms LotusPro vs. Ionized Water

100 150 200 250 300 ATP

The findings for ATP residual,  after cleaning with the  ionized strategy vs. the  LotusPro Aqueous Ozone process, showed a consistent pattern of greater organic reduction for the LotusPro approach.

0 50


Ionized Water

The Table below presents the percent ATP for the Room types measured during the conduct of this study. Overall the data shows an over 800% greater level of organic load for the ionized water alternative.

Ionized Water

Rooms Studied


Auditorium Cafeteria Classroom

8.3 199.0 25.0 248.0 23.3 201.0 61.7 212.0 34.5 84.0 13.0 262.0 18.6 272.0 26.3 211.1



Elevator Lobby

Rest Room


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