TE21 Serbian Moments

Nikola Tutek

The Widower

Richard smiled.

“Want more coffee?” Egan asked.

“Annie tells me silly things like that. I like to listen to her,” Egan added.

“Would you warm it up?”


“Do you love Annie?”

“No. Of course not. You like her, don’t you?”


“Yes, I like her. A lot.”

“I think she likes you a lot too.”

“You know what she told me the other day? That I was your copy, just thirty years younger.”

“That’s good.”


“Tell her how you feel and take her away. She’s a good kid. She’s been trying to escape for some time now.”

“Yes. I think I need her in Hong Kong.”

“Hong Kong is far enough for her.”

Egan put his palm on Richard’s hand. He nodded his head. Richard gave the smile of a content, well-fed boy.



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