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PRESIDENT'S Message by Michael J. Kokes - SBACNJ

OFFICERS President – Michael J. Kokes

First Vice President – Christopher Amato

Vice President of Associates – Kim Manicone

Michael J. Kokes President - SBACNJ

Treasurer – James Pittenger

Dear Member,

Secretary – Dave Eareckson

In addition, by modernizing our computing stations, we have made the jobs of our staff more efficient and effective, allowing them to work while on the road or in the office. The goal is to continue to leverage technology so that we can continue to do our job more efferently. Continuing with this, we have also invested in the software we utilize as well. Moving our storage and accounting to the cloud from a main frame and continuing to search out other modern software improvements will allow us to continue to expand our efficiencies. The goal is to continue to modernize our technology so that we can offer more value and options to our members in terms of member portals and payment options, with the ultimate goal of complete integration of all our systems. While all these improvements provide various degrees of improvement individually, the aim is that these gains will culminate into long term sustainability and cost savings for the association for generations to come. In addition to our reinvestment in our capital expenditures, the officers and board have also decided now was the right time to review our external marketing plan. The association has engaged the firm Design 446, a member

and well known full service marketing company in the building community,

We are entering into my favorite time of year for the builder’s association. The time of year when we have such eminent events as the golf outing and Martell’s on the beach. This is the building industry’s season! Sales are rolling and construction is in full swing. Things are going well for our members, and for the association too! Six months into my presidency and I am reaping the rewards of the hard work the officers put in before me. With the previous years of success in increased membership, well-attended, successful events, and the formation of new sponsorship programs, myself, the officers, and board are excited to be able to reinvest in the association after years of needing to tighten our belts. Deferred maintenance can only go so far, and the need for new computer equipment and modernizing the technology we utilize was a big priority for me. I am pleased to report that we have implemented a technology replacement program. By staggering our computers to end their useful life at different times, we have minimized potential disruption and are able to spread out the cost to the association.

Immediate Past President – Thomas Bovino

to collaborate and enhance our existing efforts. Candidly, the association has not invested in a robust marketing plan for many years. We are currently in the process of auditing what we have in place and the strategies we need, such as a new, modern website which will integrate with our technological upgrades mentioned earlier. Finally, with fear of sounding repetitive, I encourage all the members to get involved with our association. It has been my experience that what you get out of the association is what you put into it, and the members who have gotten the most out of it have been active contributors and participants. There is no better way to expand your network then working alongside fellow members

SBACNJ STAFF Executive Officer – Gina McNamara

Office Manager – Chris Boyle

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in a subcommittee or volunteering at an event. For more information on our committees, please call the office, or view our website for details. I look forward to seeing everyone at our annual BBQ on the Beach in July.

68 Continuous years of publication to our members


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