Summer Event 2016

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June 2016 Welcome to the Summer Recruitment Event To make the most of the event, we recommend that you:

Study this programme and choose the firms you would like to meet. All will have graduate vacancies starting this autumn/winter or spring next year. Some may also have internships this summer. Discuss things not usually covered on websites, in recruitment brochures, or that you feel may not be appropriate topics at interview. (Avoid asking detailed questions that are likely to be covered by their recruitment brochures or websites.) Make a note of the people you meet. You can mention their names to help personalise your covering letter if you decide to apply. Do come and talk to us during the afternoon – Careers Advisers will be running ‘quick query’ sessions at the event. They will be available for consultations and will be happy to answer any brief queries about your future plans, offer information and advice, or give your CV a quick ‘health- check’. We also have examples of many of the publications available to take away free from the Careers Service, and the International Student Team will be present to provide support, and answer questions on visa options post-graduation. After the event, you should: Research more thoroughly the organisations to which you wish to apply; read their brochure, visit their website and check the reference material we hold; AND Make your applications soon after the Event – demonstrating your enthusiasm and while they still remember you! Further help: Do not worry if you don’t find your ideal career or employer at the event. These employers represent a few (albeit the keen ones!) of the hundred or so who contact us every month with vacancies, starting over the next few months. Use Vacancies and Opportunities – our fully searchable vacancy database on the Careers Service website containing over 700 live opportunities open to you, together with an extensive archive of previously published vacancies. New graduate-level vacancies are being added constantly. For further ideas, advice and information register on our website and visit us at the address below. Additional help is being offered to all our finalists throughout this coming Autumn, so if you still need help after the Summer, visit the alumni pages ( http : // ). Contact us and we should be able to help, whatever your career interest. Cambridge University Careers Service, Stuart House, 6 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1XE Enquiries and appointments : 01223 338 283 / 338 286 Opening hours (full term) : Mon-Fri 9.15 - 5.15 and (vacation) : Mon-Fri 9.15 to 1.00; 2.15 - 5.00 Please note that no part of this booklet may be reproduced by any means, including (but not limited to) photocopying, and may not be stored in a retrieval system in any form without prior written consent of Cambridge University Careers Service. Photo credits : Cambridge University (2) Victor1558/Creative Commons

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