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To Your Specific Bulk Bag Handling Problem


Save time, money and space with BULK-OUT™ Multi-Function

Opposing hydraulic rams drive contoured conditioning plates to crush and loosen solidified bulk material safely and easily. Bulk bags can be raised, lowered and rotated to allow complete conditioning of the entire bag through the use of automated turntables and scissor lifts, or electric hoist and trolley assemblies. Offered as stand- alone units for loading with forklift or electric hoist and trolley, or integrated with bulk bag dischargers for reduced cost, footprint and loading time. Loosen material solidified in bulk bags during storage and shipment with BLOCK-BUSTER™ Bulk Bag Conditioners

Flexicon’s extra-broad model range, patented innovations and performance enhancements let you exact-match a filler to your specific cost and capacity requirements. Patented TWIN-CENTREPOST™ models maximise strength, accessibility to bag loops and economy. Cantilevered REAR-POST models allow pass-through roller conveyors. SWING-DOWN™ models pivot the fill-head to the operator at floor level for quick, easy and safe spout connections. Optional mechanical and pneumatic conveyors. Fill one bulk bag per week or 20 per hour with REAR-POST, TWIN-CENTREPOST™, and SWING-DOWN™ Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk Bag Dischargers and Weigh Batching Stations

Condition, de-lump, screen, feed, weigh batch, combine with liquids, and convey as you discharge, with a custom-integrated, performance-guaranteed, dust-free discharger system. Offered as stand-alone units for loading with forklift or electric hoist and trolley, split frames for low headroom areas, economical half frames and mobile frames. All available with mechanical and pneumatic conveyors, flow promotion devices, bag dump access, automated weigh batching packages, and much more.

Stand-alone units to complete, automated systems integrated with mechanical and pneumatic conveyors

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