Crystal Chronicles - August 2019

From the Manager ’ s Desk

Hello all and welcome to August’s edition of the Crystal Waters Chronicles.

Here we are in to the last month of winter. Winter out here always feels very short to me as to me it never really gets that cold. Whereas when I lived in England it seemed to drag on well past the official dates. Also this year I took a holiday in the middle of it for three weeks which has made it seem even shorter this year. Last month saw a new stove being delivered for the community centre. This had been on back order for some time now due to very few manufactures doing a gas cooktop and gas oven in a unit that size. We also ordered two additional ceiling fans for the dance area in the community centre to help people keep cool whilst they strut their stuff. If they have not already been fitted by the time this magazine comes out they will be shortly afterwards. Other areas of maintenance which have been on the books for some time but have been held up due to material shortages, is the replacing of the cracked tiles in the kitchen. We have now identified a source for the tiles and hope to get them delivered soon. Another thing which happened around the park whilst I was away on my holiday was the retention pit getting its annual cut back. After inspecting the work when I came back I have decided to give it a bit of a dredge as the vegetation has risen above some of the inlet pipes. Of course this will remove some of the vegetation for a while but it will not take long for it to grow back and return to the ecological soak the council intended. Also you will notice we have dug some holes around the swimming pool which is to fix a few leaks we identified this year. Some of the older pipes had disintegrated and needed replacing, all fairly simple tasks and the pool will be open as normal at the beginning of October for the summer. Last month we welcomed Belinda and Michael to the Village who moved into site 41 and Sue who moved into site 35. Please make them feel welcome by introducing yourself when you see them around the Village. On the 17 th of last month we had a few unusual cars in the village. There are a few car enthusiasts in the village and it was one of them, Philip, who had the idea to bring in his cars and show them to other people in the village. Philip has an MG and Mustang. Ray added to the collection with a 1942 Willys Jeep and a 1942 Chevrolet Blitz. I also brought in my Lancia Stratos, a rally car from the 70’s. As a self-confessed petrol head it was interesting talking to the owners and residents about the different cars and how the internal combustion engine has produced so many different variations on the same theme, v4, flat 4, V8, etc. I’m not sure it will be the same once the petrol engine dies and we are all running around in battery powered cars. Also last month the Christmas in July was another well attended and enjoyed event as was a night with Bernie. From the look of the pictures they both look like fun events to attend. Continue reading the magazine to see more on these events. Wishing you all a happy time in August. Peter and the Crystal Crew

August 2019 | Volume 12 Issue 7

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