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CVs and Applications: Undergraduate and Masters Students A book like this can’t take all the stress out of applying for jobs, but our hope is that it will demystify the process and what the recruiters are expecting from you. There are also examples of successful applications written by Cambridge students and alumni to give you some inspiration. You will also find sections on managing your online presence and application forms, and there is expanded advice on personal statements for Masters courses and on making speculative applications. You don’t need to read the book in order, but if you’re new to making job applications, take a few minutes to go through the core principles of how recruitment works outlined on pages 4-13.

4 Get ready to apply

5 Understand recruitment 6

How employers will look at you




Save time: put together a bucket CV

16 Evidence to collect 20 Manage your online presence 22 Manage your referees before you apply 23 Work permission 24 Put together your CV

25 Core principles 26 Research: don’t assume 28 Types of CV 30 How to adapt a CV 32 Good layout and style 34 Sample CVs

56 Write your application

57 Core principles 58 Writing with impact 61 STAR technique 62 Cover letters: content and structure 65 Sample cover letters 70 Speculative applications 72 Sample speculative emails 74 Application forms 76 Sample application form answers 78 Personal statements for Masters courses 80 Sample personal statements 82 Not sure how to talk about...

82 Disability, disappointing results, gaps, etc.

Written by Dr Stephen Joy and Careers Advisers of Cambridge University Careers Service Designed by

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