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It’s easy to approach applications with your own needs and wants in mind, focusing on what you would like to say about yourself, your qualifications and experience, and your perceptions of your own talents. But for successful job applications your starting point must be what your prospective employer needs and wants. Understand recruitment

The employer’s perspective

Your task

THEY HAVE A NEED Hiring staff is always about a particular need which serves the goals of the organisation, e.g. replacing someone who has left, growing the team, diversifying their skills, acquiring specific expertise. Even those organisations which have large annual graduate schemes keep them because they meet their business needs, but you shouldn’t assume that any two employers’ needs will be the same.

INSPIRE TRUST This inherent risk is why employers have to trust you. Your application (and the selection process which follows) must convince the employer that you can do the job, you will do the job, and that you will be a good ‘fit’ with the rest of the team. That’s why you can’t send identical applications to multiple employers: they can’t put their trust in something which is generic and not tailored to their needs. Why should they?

Turn to page 26-27 for more on how to research an employer’s needs THEY ARE TAKING A RISK

Turn to pages 30-31 for advice on tailoring your application

It follows that recruitment always entails risk: if you need something to be done, hiring the wrong person could do damage to you, your team, or your organisation. At best, you will have to let the person go and re-appoint, but recruitment is costly and time-consuming. At worst, you will be stuck with an employee who hampers your work on an ongoing basis. Graduate recruiters may also worry about whether you might turn them down or leave if you get a better offer.

This section sets out: • key principles of the recruitment process • how these principles will make your applications as effective as possible • important ways to get yourself organised now, so that you can complete applications more efficiently.



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