World Health Day Booklet


In 2014, The World Health Organization decided to hold the World Health Day on vector-borne diseases. Technip took this opportunity to draw employee attention to these diseases transmitted mostly by insects and some other vectors. Though the most serious diseases are present in tropical areas, some diseases are present in temperate countries. Regardless of where we live, all of us are concerned by one or more of these diseases. Some of these infectious diseases can kill, such as malaria and most of them are preventable through awareness and bite protection. Please take time to raise your awareness by reading this booklet. They should be commended for this effort. The information is comprehensive and also includes preventive measures. Please take some time to read this material as it is not only interesting but also useful and valuable for your health. “ ” - DR SABINE GENTY Technip Corporate Doctor I am sure that you can recall a time when you have swatted a mosquito or a bug. It was to prevent a bite or to stop the pain due to the bite. But it may have been more than just a bite! The Medical Department of Technip has compiled information on the sicknesses that that bite could have caused. I found the compilation very readable and well presented.

Insect-Borne Diseases (IBDs) Facts & Figures


Dengue Fever & Chikungunya Fever

Yellow Fever & Rift Valley Fever

Japanese Encephalitis & West Nile Disease

Lyme Disease & Tick-Borne Encephalitis

Leishmaniasis, African & American Trypanosomiasis

Other Vector-Borne Diseases

Collective Protection Measures

Individual Protection Measures


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