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Well it finally is happening. I said yes, and now I am the president of Temple Adat Elohim. I am joining a special group of 24 former presidents that have provided leadership and worked with 49 different boards of directors; each comprised of incredible, dedicated congregants who have supported and worked to attain our mission statement - to make Temple Adat Elohim a welcome & fulfilling Jewish community, embracing those who seek spirituality, knowledge and a desire to heal the world. I would like to thank the members of the current board for their hard work and I will especially miss those who are transitioning off. It is my hope that you will stay actively involved or at some time in the future you will find a renewed sense of commitment to once again provide leadership. For those who are joining, welcome aboard. I look forward to listening to your insights, and having you become part of a fantastic group of people as we continue with the tradition of making Temple Adat Elohim a very special place. As we begin our sixth decade at Temple Adat Elohim, not only has the tradition of making Temple Adat Elohim a very special place become more of a challenge, but being Jewish is so different from what it was 50 years ago. I read a very interesting quote from Sir Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi of Britain, who shared; “When it was hard to be a Jew, people stayed Jewish. When it became easy to be a Jew, people stopped being Jewish.” We live in complex times; and each day we face challenges that compete for our attention, time and money. It is my goal to help provide leadership, with the support of our dedicated senior staff, board of directors and volunteers, to inspire each of you to embrace “staying” Jewish. To accomplish this, we will continue to provide engaging programs and activities from individual Jewish study to family events, social activities, and opportunities for community involvement. Our central goal is to constantly enliven and create a Temple Adat Elohim community that is relevant to you now, and to your children and grandchildren for the next 50 years. Last spring, some of you may have heard me share at a special “Mussar” service a prayer that captures many of the soul traits that are part of my kavanah , my practice and devotion in becoming a better person, a mensch, to all of you: I need strength, humility, courage, patience.

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Strength to control my passions, Humility to assess my own worth, Courage to rise above defeats, Patience to cleanse myself of imperfections. And wisdom: to learn and live by our sacred teachings. Let me not be discouraged by my failings. Let me take heart From all that is good and noble in my character. Keep me from falling victim to cynicism. Teach me sincerity and enthusiasm. Endow me with perception and courage, That I may serve others with compassion and love.

Our Mission: Temple Adat Elohim is a welcoming and fulfilling

Jewish community embracing those who seek spirituality, knowledge, and a desire to heal the world.

Bazman Hazeh Bazman Hazeh is the newsletter of

l’shalom, Sandy Greenstein

Temple Adat Elohim 2420 East Hillcrest Drive Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 A Reform Jewish synagogue, affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. It is published monthly.


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