North Broward IRO Report - July 2017

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L4) 6-20-16 On Line Ads SOW [$7,500/month] ER Radio Campaign

GulfCoast Home Health [ROISOW?]

December 2015 Proposal Website Proposal x x ,( x x x x x x x x 2016Amendment 2016 Grand Rounds Pronnsal Lecture Proposal [$40,000 plus]

Mental Health Proposal

BudgetRequest July 2016

1 Is the contract maintained in BH's centralized tracking system in a mannerthatallows forthe identification ofthe parties to the contractand the relevantterms ofthe contract?[CIA Appendix B,§C,1] 2 Wasthe contract subjectto the internalreview and approval process(both business and legal)and were the necessary approvals obtained and wassuch review and approval appropriately documented?[CIA Appendix B,§C,2] 2a. Wasthere a legalreview ofthe contractby counsel with expertise inthe Anti-kickback Statute and Stark Law?[CIA,p. 12,ORD, 1,e(i)and AppendixB,§C,2] 2b. Was the contract subject to a process for specifying the business need or business rationale for the contract?[CIA,p. 12, gill,D,1, e(ii)and AppendixB,§C,2] 2c. Wasthe contractsubjectto aprocessfor determining fair market value ofthe remuneration specified inthe contract?[CIA,p. 12, §111,D,1,e(iii)] 5 Arethe leased space,medical supplies,medical devices,and equipment,and other patientcare items properly monitored? [AppendixB,§C,5] 6 Does the contract satisfy the requirements ofSection III.D.2 ofthe CIA? 6a. Is the contractsetforth in writing and signed byBHandthe other parties to the contract?[CIA,p. 13,§111,D,2,a] 6b. Doesthe contracthave arequirementthateach partyto the contract shallcomplete at least one houroftraining regarding the Anti-kickback Statute andthe Stark Law and arrangementsthat potentially implicate the Anti-kickbackLaw and the StarkLaw? [CIA,p. 13,§III,D,2,b] 6c. Were parties to the contractprovided with acopy ofBH's Code ofConductand StarkLaw and Anti-kickback Statute Policies andProcedures?[CIA,p. 13,§III,D,2,b] 6d. Doesthe contract have a certification bythe parties thatthe parties shall not violate the Anti-kickback Statute and the Stark Law with respectto the performance ofthe contract?[CIA,p. 13, §111,D,2,c]

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2d. Were all the applicableBH policies and procedures followed? x x NA x x x x x x x x 3 Is the remuneration under the contract properly tracked? [CIA Appendix B,§C,3] x x NA x x x x x x x x 4 Are the service and activity logs properly completed and reviewed?[CIA Appendix B,§C,4] NA NA NANA NA NA NA NANA NANA


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