Crystal Chronicles - October 2016

From the Manager ’ s Desk

Hello all and welcome to October’s edition of the Crystal Waters Chronicles.

Another month goes by and another house is delivered, this time to site 160. It was a nice day for the delivery with the sun shining brightly. We did have a little bit of wind but not enough to make the install difficult. Therefore all was going to schedule until the first half of the unit turned the last corner before the site and all had to stop. Why I hear you ask? Well it wasn’t a mechanical failure or a shifting of the house on its bogies, which caused the problem. No, it was Mother Nature who stopped the entire operation for about ten minutes whilst we allowed the residents’ turtles to cross the road. So when you are driving around that section of the Village please bear in mind we have an active group of turtles which frequently cross the road, so take care when turning the corner you never know what is just around it.

Last month also saw a new resident move into the park and into her new home on 149. If you see Val around please make her feel welcome.

By the time you read this the swimming pool will be open for the season. We have given it a little refresh this year with new signs showing the depth of the pool more clearly as well as an up to date CPR and resuscitation notice to reflect modern practices. This is on top of the resealing of the paving and the fitting of a full length drain and sprinkler system to the grassed area.

Peter and the Crystal Crew

October 2016 | Volume 9 Issue 10

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