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Piql AS – our story

Piql’s vision is to reshape data preservation, on a global scale. This is an ambitious goal, yet the company’s history proves that it is capable of turning innovative ideas into cutting-edge technology and global successes.


added simultaneously, and not in subsequent steps like the industry was used to. Customers experienced a higher quality, time savings and cost savings. User-friendliness was also catered for, and in 2008 Piql was awarded with the inter- nationally renowned Red Dot Design Award in the category of “Product Design”. The Cinevator is recognised as the leading digital film printer on the market, in use by film labs and post-production companies all over the world. Amongst its users are companies such as Techni- color and Deluxe. The Cinevator has printed mov- ies for a wide range of film studios including the Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, DreamWorks, Walt Disney and Paramount.

Piql AS was established in Drammen, Norway, in 2002. The company was founded by a team of people with background from digital imaging, headed by Managing Director Rune Bjerkestrand. Their vision was to “bridge the gap between the digital and analogue world in the motion picture industry.” The market opportunity was that more movies were shot and produced digitally, whilst there were still cinemas that only projected 35 mm analogue film. Piql’s ambitions may have seemed a bit over the top at the time, coming from a country with no track-record from the motion picture industry. Yet, the company managed to revolutionise the way the film industry prints their movies. The dig- ital film recorder Cinevator® printed movies up to 100 times faster than its competitors, and with a better image quality. Sound and subtitles were GLOBAL SUCCESS WITH CINEVATOR


In 2007 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, known for the Oscar awards, published the report “Digital Dilemma” which addresses the challenges related to securing long-term access

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