DISPLAY STAND The new Price & Kensington merchandising stand has been specifically designed to allow for versatile and flexible instore displays. The teapot arms on the bottom section of the stand fit the 2, 6 and 10 cup teapots perfectly whilst the 4 fixed shelves on the top section of the stand fit the mugs, large cups & saucers, espresso cups & saucers, tea for ones and filters. If preferred, the stand can be merchandised solely with teapots. The options are endless!

The merchandising stand also features a colourful and informative header with hints and tips on how best to enjoy your favourite hot drinks!

2 different display options are shown.

PRICE & KENSINGTON TEAPOT STAND Size: 1660mm (h) x 600mm (w). 0056.993 • 0056.994 • CTN 1


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