PARTITIONS GROW.UPP "Peek-a-boo!" , calls daycare worker Pa- tricia and ducks behind the wall. Tristan looks puzzled. Where did she go? Curi- ously, he crawls up to the smooth wood and presses his hands against it. Patricia calls again: "Peek-a-boo!" and gently wiggles the wooden leaf in the middle from the other side. Courageously, Tristan grabs the leaf and slides it up. From the other side, through a peep hole, Patricia smiles at him: "Peek-a- boo!" And Tristan cries: "There!" Inspired by nature. Built for ex- plorers. The grow.upp design line takes nature as a role model and is part of an integrated room concept. In grow.upp rooms, children are al- lowed to do what they enjoy most: give free rein to their naturalcuri- osity and determine the way they discover the world for themselves – with curiosity and a thirst for ad- venture!

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GROW.UPP OFFERS: • An integrated room concept, • Color and shape landscapes based on nature.


• Targeted development support for children up to the age of 6.



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