PARTITIONS RISE.UPP Yesterday, Emilia fell on her bottom – but that’s now forgotten. She is carefully placing one foot in front of the other along the partition. And then the lit- tle hands let go of the wall and Emil- ia walks off a little wobbly. After four brave steps, this walking attempt ends again with a bump. But Emilia cheers happily. That was spectacular! Children discover the world. Step by step. Child-friendly rooms should convey a sense of security, while also offering the opportunity to learn and try new things. Our rise.upp partitions support precisely this. The modern design of the line plays with familiar elements from the environ- ment of the children: for example, a little house with a window, a gar- den fence, or a small truck. Thanks to age-appropriate incentives, the partitions made of real birch wood encourage activity and develop fine motor skills.


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