Trade Watch V9 No3 2015

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VOL. 9 NO. 3 2015

EGE Haina, Serving People and Preserving the Environment in the Dominican Republic

High quality, high standards and a high level of commitment to the environment are what made EGE Haina a power to be reckoned with at the Regional Investor of the Year Awards (RIYA) 2014. Empresa Generadora de Electricidad (EGE) Haina is the largest generator of electricity in the Dominican Republic. They operate eight power plants spread across Haina, San Pedro de Macoris, Barahona, Pedernales and Puerto Plata, with a private plant also in San Pedro de Macoris. The company has been providing power to its people for 15 years and altogether these plants provide more than 1,100 Megawatts to the country. But it’s not simply their size that makes them unique. EGE Haina focuses its values on operational excellence, maintaining a high standard of quality for their work and their product. They also recognize their obligation to preserve both the natural environment and the social environment of the communities they reach. Because of these commitments, EGE Haina was recently awarded Local Investor of the Year 2014 at the esteemed RIYA showcase hosted by the Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) and the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA). Having just completed its second annual awards ceremony, the RIYA recognizes the significance of investments from pan-Caribbean foreign and local organizations. EGE Haina pursues the biggest investment in energy in the Dominican Republic, having allocated US $700million to technological innovation. They are highly diverse in their methods, exploring ways to

extract energy from fuel oil, coal, natural gas and wind, and they always place a high standard on their product. EGE Haina has already been pushing renewables and environmentally efficient procedures for 5 years, and they’re the thrusting force behind the Los Cocos wind farm. Los Cocos is an impressive framework of 40 Vespa V80 wind turbine generators that use the renewable and clean energy of the wind to manufacture 77 Megawatts of power, or 200,000 Megawatt hours annually. By investing in the Los Cocos wind farm, the first of its kind to the Dominican Republic, EGE Haina has managed to reduce national CO2 emissions by 160,000 tons per year. Establishing a complex network such as Los Cocos took approximately US $180 million dollars plus immeasurable man hours, but the positive benefit of major national CO2 displacement is already being measured. Los Cocos also brings electricity to the southern Dominican region, which is one of the poorest areas of the country. The neighbours and residents benefit from more than just an improved power system however, EGE Haina empowers the surrounding communities with social investment in their most important resource: the people.

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