TE16 Turkish Delight

A Long-Awaited Arrival basket on the bench and grabbed his suitcase. “Come on, let’s get inside.” He followed my lead and got up. As he did, I saw some color return to his face, which truly made him look like an innocent boy. Inside wasn’t as cold. Two of the water boys had already coiled up on the seats, sleeping. They were asking for a scold from the chief, again. I prayed to not come across him, as I made another round to get my basket. The sausage sandwich had already gone cold, despite my efforts to prevent exactly that. Maybe the fedora guy would provide some writing material. Nothing much ever happened in this station, and after my girl left it had become even more difficult to come up with ideas. I needed a muse. With it, maybe with him, I could attract a few more customers. All I knew was that I had to find a way in this hell hole, a way to write unforgettable stories. For a shortwhile after she left, I wrote some stories that I managed to sell to postal trains. The chief was more lenient with me and I interpreted it as meaning he was pleased that I’d been writing about the railway, just like he wanted. I’d mentioned him in some stories, explained the hardships of his job and his responsible attitude at work, to the passengers. I’d even written about how he helped so selflessly, despite Article 248, with the burial of a railway employee (the young Jew). Oh, how naïve we can get and believe what we produce… This low period of my life was noticed by other merchants too, the sausage guy had once tapped me on the shoulder and felt the need to remindme that I was doing okay. 107

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