TE16 Turkish Delight

Ten Poems

Its mouth tightly shut The continent with its feet in chains I pull at it to bring together Our lacking humanity

You fall into an ancient harbour in Sicily I look at the pebbles within me, they’re so heavy Shall I cast them into the sea?… I wait for you at an ancient harbour in Sicily I look at you from an old wrecked ship, an ancient castle You roll towards the shore Centuries spent carrying an old secret within you Mouth tightly shut Crashing into the pebbles on the shore You shatter, the secret you can hide no longer Is revealed alongside you: That smell of blood in the amphora Old murders, an ancient sin Lost souls buried in the graveyard of myths All are revealed; From the amphora The blood seeps into the sand and salt Now spreading everywhere With your cool breeze, it’s you That’s carried towards the waters of the Mediterranean

Your name hidden in an old olive grove Your blood within thousands, millions of amphorae


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