TE16 Turkish Delight

Erkut Tokman Perhaps everyone understands themselves, hearing the voice While, regretfully, it deafens the mouse Timid inside the mountain, it questions, where did I go wrong? Feeling the stares of the cats fixed upon it

The mountain has a thousand hues Mutable like a thousand moods

A thousand people wander in and out, still It remains a mountain, knows it own colour A thousand days are born in it, making love to its soul Then a heart reveals itself to the mountain’s intuition Out comes a thousand cats, circling around it Each of its own kind, in a rainbow of colours They patiently watch the mouse in the mountain Mysterious are their gazes, o you Dervish’s son Home of holy hands joining the land with the sky! The more I look, the deeper I fall into the earth Into drops of dew that are born like a tear I place the coolness of the leaves, Dervishes are spinning mountains inside me You, I, and everyone has someone they wait for That will eventually visit them in visions… Mountains come together, dreams beget dreams The divine philosophy within one who’s innocent Is set alight with its own fire


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