TE16 Turkish Delight

Erkut Tokman Truly, how does one leave the Earth now? Following the footsteps of love Or after a break it up? Does a single death follow

A single life, truly, where are we headed? Devoid of love, can one love it all?

When was the last time I lived upon this Earth? Blood-soaked, thus far reached the heart

Of a child, ever since Kadesh Truly, when was the last time I was frightened thus of the Earth?

Where is the Earth headed, where am I headed? Truly, where do I go every night? To join a prostitute at a nightclub? And where do I go each morning? To work for the profit margin of a killer? Where does the Earth go each day by our side? As I leave off myself And you yourself, beyond Perhaps for freedom, and an infinite sky, Truly, where are we headed all?


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