TE16 Turkish Delight

Let Me Out Here, Please she gave me a gift, gave me herself. We had a heart-to-heart in the cafeteria. She gave me hope.” Her eyes bored into Yunus. “I met her and lost her.” She clutched her chest. “She left a mark here, right here.” She cast her head down. “Why wouldn’t I believe you?” said Yunus, flipping the lighter in his hand round and round. “She was also in my life for only a few days. But you know that blanket you have as a child? That you can’t part with even though you’re a grown man. That is how I feel about her. She’s that familiar.” The lighter slipped from his fingers. “She warmed me up from the inside and I couldn’t do anything for her.” The woman placed a genial hand on the young man’s shoulder. “Please don’t blame yourself. You must know deep down that there was nothing you could do. Angels lower themselves to help people, where is it written that there is anything we can give them?” Yunus smiled. “You also believe she was an angel, don’t you?” he asked. How peaceful his following breath would be depended on this confirmation. “I don’t believe it,” the young woman said with determination, “I’m sure of it, and she just needs to rest a while in heaven. We on earth have used up all her strength.” “She left me a poem by Ristos as a way of saying goodbye, her last wish too has to do with creating. When I heard the poem you recited at her graveside today I said tomyself, she did it again. She did it without knowing, as always, what she did.” She shook her 191

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