TE16 Turkish Delight

Let Me Out Here, Please “You always stayed a child. You never grew up, so how could you forget,” Yunus murmured to himself. Depressed, he turned his head to look out to window, and the moment he did his face lit up. “Look,” he said with childlike enthusiasm, “It’s snowing.” All three began to laugh. The other customers peered curiously at them as they raised their glasses to the falling snow. Inside, Outside In the beginning, all was wet and dark. It was like that for a very long time. My mother’s voice was the first I could discern. It sounded so lovely to my ears. She was talking about how she was waiting for me. So it appeared that there was more to this, outside. I’d already been aware for some time now that my space was becoming cramped. In the beginning I could do somersaults in thewater. Now I could only turn over tomy side. Thewater also gradually lessened. We were approaching the end of something. Therewas noone toask. I trustedmymother though. I trusted her voice. Finally I flipped upside down and rested my head against her wall. That was the most comfortable. So on one of those days, things started getting turbulent in there. Mywaters sloshed around, I was shaking, and when on top of that my mother screamed, “My baby!” it terrified me. Then before we knew what was going on we fell against something soft.


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