TE16 Turkish Delight

Our Best Love Story it’s impossible not to carry something from one relationship to the next. After that point, you may be able to bring once more to your life’s agenda the questions you had been putting off for so long. Did we go on an adventure in between the lines, for instance, accompanied by several glasses of wine, or seek refuge between a pair of parentheses, clandestinely, and however briefly? Did that waiter with excellent manners at the Chinese restaurant recognize us both, and would he recognize us again, on one of the nights we’d go there, as the entirely unconnected protagonists of entirely different stories? In time, could we come to love thematchless alliance of red and black? Orwas everything in this game synonymous with a lie, as it was often wont to be— did you just stick your head in the door, leaving me to choose living with that dream and resentment? Had we been able to tell each other that everything, in time, would turn into a sum of symbols, a shared isolation, increasingly a delusion? Would you and I one day be able to talk about the secret of those shards of glass? For this game to seem like it was played by the same rules as the others, prolonging itself with renewed questions, did that explain enough?

13 A Summer’s Evening in Sintra

Questions, questions, questions. Perhaps one could never hope to escape the obligation to experience new words, seasons, or persons in the name of a compulsively gripping, belated story. As


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