TE16 Turkish Delight

Our Best Love Story only been able to push aside those words and stories and come to me.” Your words seemed to contain some sort of enchantment, an enchantment that’s like suddenly finding yourself lost on a strange street, the abrupt discovery of a courtyard, which you’re then somehow unable to exit. Once more you were at a remove open to brand-new shadows, memories, and questions. In turn I asked how we were to change this time difference between us, and how had you suddenly entered this story at a time I least expected? “All is not as it seems, only as it wishes to be seen,” you replied, as though you had foreseen this question that I simply couldn’t bring myself to ask, and added, “Let’s go, let’s go. Where I’m taking you, you’ll set out for completely different words and songs. An incense burns now in my room, one you’ll recall from an old, a very old story.” In that heated moment, suspended for eternity, I once again contemplated, for some reason, meeting with you in a secluded hotel in a town whose name I’d never be able to know or discover. Then we made love on silky sheets on an enormous bed. I glimpsed your back and haunches, your nakedness reflected off of the mirrors around us, as the strange smell of the incense burned in my nostrils. I ran my lips and tongueoveryour bodyandyou in turnpulledmy swellingmember between your legs, saying, “You must flow into me, melt inside me.” Now, I said, we disappear inside our dream, permeate one another. The smell of incense burned my nostrils and it felt as though this was my first journey to passion, to a lover.


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