TE16 Turkish Delight

While Thomas is Falling brief story either. Beside ours, there was a picture of Seniha, that Thomas Dumas took here in Istanbul in the 70s. I’d been so psyched about walking around Istanbul, inhaling its scents, capturing its scenes and watching it through Thomas’s perspective; only now I wasn’t. On the trip to here, I was more than willing to look at every woman I’d see in the streets thinking she could be Seniha, or at least pretend they were Seniha, so that I could maybe understand howThomas looked at her. It would’ve been amazing to experience. It was, because in my mind, scenes fromthiscityandSeniha’s inexplicablebeautyholding inareckless solemnity were inseparable. Yet, the story killed my mood. I bought the paper, carefully folded it and put it inmy bag. I began walking back to the hotel, where I wanted to wait until Maria’s shoot ended. Also, I had to find a way to have the story translated to English, because I badly needed to know what it said. I had to tell Maria about it too, first thing when she came… I reached our hotel around 2 pm. I went directly to reception and asked the boy working the desk if he could translate the story. I knew he was Turkish, but he communicated with us in English quite well before. Despite that, he said he couldn’t and added that his English wasn’t good enough to translate a written document. He tried pretty hard to say all this. First, I thought he was pretending to avoid dealing with it. To test him, I explained how sometimes the press twisted certain topics, about Thomas Dumas and his career in photography and our trip to Füssen. He


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