TE16 Turkish Delight

While Thomas is Falling Maria has at least three more hours of work… I hope they close the shoot in time… I also hope the person to translate the story doesn’t come late... Will I be able to find a new job a different university when I return to Stockholm? … With hard work I can finish and submit Disdained Mind in two months… Oh it will be a huge hit… I wonder what it says in the story?... Why seeing us together is so interesting? Is Thomas Dumas popular in Turkey? Do people closely follow his career around here? Did they make a connection between us traveling to Füssen to track him down and his ancient shoot with a model here?... There was someone in history… who wore wings and jumped from the Galata Tower… Had he managed to fly or did he crash?... Though, does it really matter? Doesn’t every flying creature eventually land for good? I wonder where Seniha is right now… Did she hear the tragic end of Thomas? Did she hurt? Or is she over Thomas, just another old fling of her youth… I opened my eyes again when the salty breeze licked my face. Before me, the greenwaves of Bosporus. I was looking down from the handrails at the top of the Galata Tower, and admiring the red roofs squished together beneath me, and the bubbly shore that started where they ended. Seniha’s hot breath touchedmy neck out of nowhere and spooked me: “Come on now, there’s nothing to be scared of. We can do this!” My eyelids were closing on their own. I took proactive action and dropped the glass on the table, laid back again and shut my eyes.


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