TE16 Turkish Delight

While Thomas is Falling taking pictureswith his piece of crap camera. Behind it, he looked and sounded like a freak. Without the camera, he looked like any other man. One time when I was laying on the ground, lifting one leg, and trying to lick my nipple, I thought about where would all this fit in my life. What was I paying for? Should I have seen this coming? At that point, I agreed once again with Thomas Dumas, who once said: Not everyone gets what they deserve. Some get what others deserve. And there are those who reflect the tragedies that come their way onto others and get to have fresh starts. We can call this ‘Fate Transfer’. The powerful ones can transfer many of their fates, and change many lives. Philosophy is the art of unrolling a curtain in front of powerful people who maintain their power by wrongly claiming everybody lives the life they deserve, and nothing’s a coincidence. Philosophy is deception. And life is where we face the facts. His rhetoric had always been controversial, but these particular words had offended many at the time. Alain de Button called it “the verbal display of artistic misery” and humiliated Dumas. Noam Chomsky commented “These unfortunate lines prove why people sometimes achieve their goals with dedication but fail to transform their mentality along the way,” and slammed his intelligence level to the ground. Thomas had replied to both philosophers with a single sentence: “The curtain falls!”


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