TE16 Turkish Delight

Altay Öktem A curtain had fallen between my past and my present. There could be no other explanation. But, was the curtain permanent? Or would this man let me go when he got all the pictures he wanted? If not, was I going to carry on living with someone else’s fate on my shoulders? How long would a Fate Transfer last, and how much could one be administered another’s fate? Thomas Dumas didn’t get to clarify all that... Thinking of his death made my heart ache again. If he lived, he’d have a saying in this, he’d intervene. Somehow, he’d help, reveal the facts about Seniha, or... He could maybe help me understand my abductor. Thiswas thefirst time that I felt completedespair, and thegrowing sense of ambiguity wasn’t helping either. I had already given up resisting. I constantly thought about two things when I was left alone: Maria and the book that I was writing. Was she okay? Where and what she was doing? Was I going to get to see her again? And was my book ever going to finish? There couldn’t be anyone else who knew more about Thomas Dumas than I did. No one else could undergo such an intense and comprehensive project for his biography. If something happened to me, Thomas Dumas too would fade away from this earth. For Thomas, and for Maria I had to survive. I had to get out of here. It still seemed impossible for me to grasp the events that lead to this chain of events in this cellar that kept getting smaller.


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