USD President's Report 2009

" ,....~ ' . ' Who would have envisioned that just 60 years later 1

;, .

a university with programs 1 scholars; and alumni of great and growing national and international renown would grace this mesa? Actually 1 as l enjoy my 20th year as a university president 1 l might have pre- dicted this. And no matter how grim things may seem in this economic environment; U SD is adapting 1 as it always has 1 to ensure that our students 1 education and experience we celebrate our own dedication to the Catholic values that our university is built upon by recognizing both the great thinkers of the past and the good work being done on our campus today. As the university marks the 60th anniversary of the granting of its charter 1 we are grateful for those who inspired its creation. One of these was Rose Philippine Duchesne 1 who laid the foundations of Sacred Heart education in our country. When she f,nally arrived in the United States with few resources beyond her optimism and faith 1 she prayed: 1 ~t last we have reached the country of our desires ... there are no diff,culties here except when people worry too much about tomorrow. 11 May this be our prayer each and every day. - Mary E. Lyons 1 Ph.D. improves with every passing semester. With this year 1 s President1s Report 1

ยท Portions of' the a/Jove remarks are excer11ted (rom a speech that 1vas delivered at the fall ('onvornlion of' the f'arnlty and !ldminislralion in Seplemher 1009.

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