The PHA Buzz May 2013

PHA campaign sees SKYCIG's sales targets go up in smoke

PHA causes waves with Candice and Fresh2o TheCelebrity department at PHA are delighted to be working with Oscar-winning photographer Candice Farmer. Her iconic underwater photography of some of the most famous faces in the world of celebrity, including Keira Knightley, Lily Cole and Kimberley Stewart, have established her as one of the most exciting, original and versatile image creators in the photographic industry. But there’s a purpose to Candice’s underwater photography...

To mark National No Smoking Day and to ensure that client SKYCIG – the UK’s leading e-cigarette provider - was leading the news agenda on the day, PHA Media combined the Digital and Production teams with its traditional PR arm, to create a hard-hitting, bespoke and seamless campaign. To take SKYCIG to the next level, and to ensure the brand dominated National No Smoking Day, PHA’s Productions team filmed and produced several short clips, alongside a video montage, titled “I saw this and thought of you”, highlighting some of the excuses smokers give when they fail to quit the habit. The videos then introduced SKYCIG as the ideal alternative, demonstrating how the product really works, and can help users break away from living an unhealthy lifestyle. The content was used on SKYCIG’s website,

as well as their Facebook site, generating masses of customer engagement, both from existing and new visitors to the site. Following on from this, PHA also hosted a national survey, with the help of behavioural psychologist, Jo Hemmings, which looked into the differing habits, behaviours and emotions that encourage smokers to continue the habit. Revealing that “Men Smoke to Have Fun, Women Smoke to Preserve Inner Calm”, the story resonated with journalists and the public alike, receiving national, regional, lifestyle and online coverage across the board. The total PR value achieved for the project was £140,843, with an overall reach of 135,559,514. To further support our work, SKYCIG confirmed that the business tripled sales and doubled orders on National No Smoking Day versus the same day last year.

She is using these images to draw as much attention as possible to FRESH2O GLOBAL, the social enterprise that is dedicated to enabling the provision of clean, safe water for drinking and sanitation purposes to the billions of people worldwide who do not have access to it. The Celebrity team will be working with Candice to engage the national media and draw as much attention to FRESH2O, Candice’s images and her fascinating personal story as possible, generating a buzz and in-turn, traffic to the website and an increase in donations!

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