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TENBUDGETDECOR ITEMSTHAT GOALONGWAY You don’t need to spend a ton of money to make a room stylish and cozy. Simply invest in a few of these ten budget decor items to transform any space into something special. 1. Fairy lights. Make any space magical with the addition of fairy lights. Hang them on the ceiling, drape them over a window or wrap them around a piece of furniture for a cozy glow. 2. Throw rugs. A few inexpensive throw rugs go a long way. And don’t be afraid to mix and match colours and patterns or layer a smaller rug over a larger one. 3. Framed photos. Add a personal touch to your home with images of yourself and loved ones as well as photos you took yourself. 4. Throw pillows. Throw pillows are both fun and comfortable. Brighten up a neutral space with vibrant colours and graphic patterns. Or tone down a loud space with simple whites and woven textures. 5. Stackable side tables. Stackable side tables are functional and stylish. Stored together they have a sculptural element. Separated and spread around a room they offer multiple places to display smaller pieces of decor. 6. Hanging plants. Green is always in style when it comes in plant form. Buy an inexpensive woven plant hanger and suspend it from the ceiling. 7. DIY art. Unleash your inner artist. Create an abstract or landscape painting. Make a collage out of found objects and text. Or arrange simple items in a shadow box like buttons, rocks, spoons or leaves. 8. Items from nature. Speaking of leaves – nothing is more inexpensive than free. Head into the great outdoors and scavenge for twigs, rocks, shells, pinecones and yes – leaves! Then display on shelves, side tables and in frames. 9. Books. A stack of books on a nightstand is one thing, but an artfully arranged shelf filled with books makes a statement. Don’t have a shelf? Use the floor. Don’t have many books? Check out library sales and garage sales to get used books at rock bottom prices. 10. Thrifted items. Pretty much any of the above items can be purchased at a thrift store – plus a whole lot more! The trick to thrift shopping is to go often and to keep your eyes open for both staples and one of a kind pieces.


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INTERIORDESIGNMEETSFOOD Great food and excellent service may be two things that keep people coming back to a restaurant, but the design of the space also plays a huge role in the dining experience. While fast food restaurants feature more streamlined seating and fast-paced music to keep the dining experience short, fine dining features cozy seating, ambient lighting and an atmosphere unique to each establishment. Restaurant designers often begin a project by considering the story behind the design. How do the restaurant’s owners want their guests to feel during their visit? One challenge for these designers is to make sure the space is both beautiful and functional. The backend operations must run smoothly in order for the design to deliver. How traffic flows throughout the space, various eye lines and the location of the kitchen and washrooms play a significant role in a guest’s experience. Essentially, a well-designed restaurant is a place where guests don’t have to think about these elements at all. They simply need to sit back and enjoy.

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