International Commercial Arbitration - Second Edition

From Kluwer Law International… International Commercial Arbitration Second Edition The Civil Code of the Netherlands By Hans C.S.Warendorf, RichardThomas, Ian Curry-Sumner

By Gary B. Born

The second edition of Gary Born’s International Commercial Arbitration is an authoritative 4,000 page treatise, in three volumes, providing the most complete available commentary and analysis on all aspects of the international commercial arbitration process. The first edition of International Commercial Arbitration is widely acknowledged as the preeminent commentary in the field. It was awarded the 2011 Certificate of Merit by the American Society of International Law and was voted the “International Dispute Resolution Book of the Year” by the OGEMID list serve. The first edition has been extensively cited in national court decisions and arbitral awards around the world. The treatise comprehensively examines the law and practice of contemporary international commercial arbitration, thoroughly explicating all relevant international conventions, national arbitration statutes and institutional arbitration rules. It focusses on both international instruments and national law provisions in all leading jurisdictions. Practitioners, academics, clients, institutions and other users of international commercial arbitration will find clear and authoritative guidance in this work.

The second edition of International Commercial Arbitration has been extensively revised, expanded and updated, to include all legislative, judicial and arbitral authorities material in the field of international arbitration prior to January 2014. It also includes expanded treatment of annulment, recognition of awards, counsel ethics, arbitrator independence and impartiality and applicable law. The revised 4,000 page text contains references to more than 20,000 cases, awards and other authorities.

Reviews of First Edition: “A splendid treatise on international commercial arbitration which is unsurpassed in the breadth and depth of its exposition and in the acuity of its analysis. It marries the industry of the meticulous scholar with the pragmatic judgment of one of international arbitration's leading practitioners. A great achievement.” Stephen Schwebel, former President, International Court of Justice “A tour de force by one of the giants of international arbitration, which must have a place in every lawyer's library.” L. Yves Fortier C.C. Q.C., Ogilvy Renault LLP “This is an unparalleled book on the law, practice and theory of international commercial arbitration. It explains every aspect of international arbitration with both impressive doctrinal detail and exceptional theoretical acuity, and will be indispensable for both practitioners and academics.” Professor Jack Goldsmith, Harvard Law School "Stunningly comprehensive, accessible, and bristling with insights: the definitive text on international arbitration." Haold Hongju Koh, Gerard C. & Bernice Latrobe Smith Professor of International Law; Yale Law School. “A magisterial exposition of international arbitration, which is breathtaking in its scope and comprehensiveness.” Michael Hwang S.C. Singapore/Essex Court Chambers

“A remarkable achievement, combining rigorous academic analysis with insights borne from a high level practical experience.” Albert van den Berg, Hanotiau & van den Berg “An undisputed classic [and a] must for counsel, arbitrators, scholars and students.” Horacio A. Grigera Naon, former Secretary General, ICC International Court of Arbitration March 2014, 3,950 pp., Hardback, ISBN: 9789041152190, Price: EUR 500.00 / USD 675.00 / GBP 400.00 Three-volume set

About the author: Gary B. Born is the world’s leading authority on international arbitration and litigation. He is the author of International Litigation in United States Courts (5th ed. 2010), International Arbitration and Forum Selection Agreements: Drafting and Enforcing (4th ed. 2013), International Arbitration: Law and Practice (2012), and

numerous other publications in the international litigation and arbitration fields. He is the winner of the ASIL 2011 Certificate of Merit and the OGEMID Book of the Year 2009 Award.

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